On March 2, 1998, Natascha Kampusch was abducted from the street by Wolfgang Priklopil in the city of Vienna, while walking to school.

After reports that Natascha had been seen being dragged into a white minivan by two men, the search focussed on minivan owners.

Police even met and interviewed her abductor who was listed as the owner of a minivan. However, they were satisfied with his proposed alibi and no longer pursued him as a suspect.

Natasha was kept in a secret, windowless cellar at Prikloppil's house in Strashof, just northeast of Vienna.

Here, she was physically and sexually abused and was initially not allowed to leave the cellar under any circumstances.

In time, she was allowed access to other areas of the house and was forced to cook and clean for Priklopil.

He offered her books and a radio and didn't mind her continuing to educate herself.

Natascha Kampusch

Eventually, Priklopil allowed Natascha to attend holidays with him, although she asserted he always watched her closely and there was no opportunities for her to escape.